Ambien for Insomnia: End Your Sleeping Troubles

Are you having trouble in sleeping? Insomnia is one of the most common disorders nowadays and there are many people having sleeping issues. According to health surveys, as many as 30 million people in US are suffering from insomnia. People suffering from insomnia have trouble in falling asleep or staying asleep. In some worst cases, patients hardly sleep for an hour or two every day. Ambien is the drug used for treating insomnia. Most of the doctors prescribe ambien for insomnia to their patients. Zolpidem is the active ingredient in ambien.

What are the different types of insomnia?

Ambien for Insomnia: End Your Sleeping Troubles

Insomnia is a common ailment nowadays. It can affect people of all ages including children and adults but it is most common in older people. According to experts, women are more likely to get affected from insomnia as compared to men. There are different types of insomnia depending upon their severity.

  • Transient insomnia: Patient who suffers from transient insomnia usually recovers within a week or before that. It lasts for a small period.
  • Short-term insomnia: This type of sleeping illness lasts for more than a week but it is resolved within a three-week period.
  • Chronic insomnia: This is the worst type of insomnia and it will last for than three-week period. It takes a considerable amount of time in treating chronic insomnia.

Ambien for insomnia: How ambien can help?

Ambien falls under sedative-hypnotics types of medication. Your doctor will prescribe ambien for insomnia after proper diagnosis. We are unable to sleep because of lots of activities going around in our mind. Ambien works by slowing down the activities in our brain. It is important to take the medicine as per your prescription.

Ambien is available under different strengths and form. You can take ambien as a tablet by mouth. There is an extended-version of ambien available in the market called Ambien CR. It works in two steps. First layer of the medicine allows you to fall asleep whereas the next layer helps you in staying asleep.

Ambien works very quickly and its effect will last for next 8 hours. You should take ambien before getting into the bed. In most of the cases, patients show signs of recovery within 7-10 days of taking ambien. You should call your doctor in case of no improvement in your sleeping condition. Do not take a larger or smaller dosage until it is advised by your doctor. Ambien for insomnia can help you in getting sound sleep but it is an addictive drug. Pay proper attention while taking ambien.

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